Hello Timisoara ~

*Last week my friend and I took a mini trip to Timisoara, one of the largest cities in Romania. If you want to see a video that we made click HERE. c:

Some people call this town “Little Vienna” because of its  abundance of Secessionist architecture.

This is Union square and here both the Romano-Catholic and the Serbian Orthodox Cathedrals face each other and historic buildings line around the square itself.DSC_0171-2.jpg

Most of the city’s interesting sites can be found around its many squares, especially its main square, Piata Victoriei or Victory Square. This is where you can see the towering Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral with its green and roof mosaic design roof tiles.


The streets are filled with umbrellas, art corners, nice ice cream and street performers!


Besides the old buildings, this fountain was my favourite spot because it was so hot. :’)


All in all it is a really nice city, and If you pass nearby you should pay a visit, the architecture will sure wow you. If you want to see more pictures, check my instagram. Untill next post, xx




Extrovert becomes an introvert

Even though I am an extrovert person I find it really hard to talk with people nowadays. I approach someone and try to start a conversation by asking simple questions like ” tell me something about yourself ” and then I always get plain and blunt answers that end with a sentence ” oh my life is boring” or ”I don’t have anything to tell you about myself”. And than my extrovert kinda shuts down and covers herself with a blanket, so I just become this quiet person because I don’t know how to wake up those people. 

So.. are their lifes really boring? I don’t believe that, but what I do know is that most people don’t know how to have fun or change something in their lifes. Everything is constantly revolving around phones, facebook, instagram, who posted what. I mean, do you really care more about what someone else is doing in a certain cafe than your own life? Would you rather look through someone’s stories all day than go for a walk, run, ice cream? Unfortunately I see that’s the case and I must say that I am a little bit disappointed. Because as I see it you do stuff just so you can post it on facebook or instagram and not because you really want to do them..

Anyway while I wait for someone to actually talk about something more, I have bunch of conversations with my dog, yeah it sucks that our pets can’t answer, doesn’t it?

So have you experienced any similar situation? Do you think people are becoming more and more quiet?

Comment below xx


Be you

Scroll down for Serbian

You know that thing when you make certain cupcakes.. well first you mix everything together and then you carefully pour the mixture into the molds so that they all turn out the same. Reality is they aren’t identical, some of them are thicker, some are bigger, some crack, but in the end they all melt in your mouth and give you that splendid taste. Different but equally beautiful.

I bet you all had that period in life when you wanted to fit in, to be accepted in a certain social group or just be a part of something. I think this ”wish” is especially present among teenagers or in high school period when we go through big physical and mental changes. For me this episode is still a phenomenon because I can’t understand people who change themselves just so someone else would like them. I’ve seen a multitude number of this cases and one of them resulted with a boy who started doing serious drugs just so he could stay in a relationship with one ”popular girl” back then. Now you will say: ” Oh he is so stupid, such an idiot, loser etc..” I agree, he was extremely stupid, but you know who else is equally as stupid – girls who start smoking just because it is IN, boys who have bad grades because they will be called geeks by their friends, boys and girls whom go out almost every night just so they can post a pic on some social network, get drunk and pass out. Everything you do to please others is stupid and as long as you live their lives and not your own you won’t live at all. Maybe your attitude, intelligence and manners won’t bring you many friends, in my case they haven’t.. but I didn’t want to be friends with such people, I didn’t want to dress like them, I didn’t want to be them. I was myself.

If you are in that phase now, I have a friendly advice for you BE YOURSELF, DON’T LET THEM PUT YOU IN A MOLD, be a unique chocolate chip muffin! Because school passes and those people pass too, real life comes  and you stand there.. empty…


Znate ono kada pravite neke kolače… Prvo umutite smesu pa je onda pažljivo sipate u kalupe u želji da svi budu isti. Ali ne bude tako, neki ispadnu deblji, neki veći, neki puknu, ali na kraju kada ih probate svi vam se tope u ustima i pružaju izvanredan ukus. Drugačiji ali podjednako lepi.

Kladim se da ste svi imali onaj period života kada ste želeli da se uklopite u neko društvo ili da budete deo nečega. Mislim da je ova želja posebno zastupljena kod tinejdžera ili negde u periodu srednje škole kada dolazi do nekih većih fizičkih i psihičkih promena. Za mene je ova pojava i dalje fenomen zato što nikako ne mogu da shvatim ljude koji menjaju sebe da bi se dopali drugima. Videla sam bezbroj ovakvih primer, a jedan od njih je i jedan dečko koji je počeo da se drogira samo kako bi ostao u vezi sa jednom tada ”popularnom” devojkom. Sad ćete svi reći ” Ah kako je on glup, budala, koji paćenik itd..” Slažem se, bio je glup, ali ništa manje nisu glupe ni devojke koje izgledaju kao da su ispale iz fotokopir mašine, ništa manje nisu glupe ni one koje puše jer je to IN, ništa manje nisu glupi momci koje je sramota da budu dobri đaci jer su onda štreberi i papučari u društvu, ništa manje nisu glupi ni oni koji izlaze skoro svako veče kako bi se samo uslikali i napili, ništa manje, ništa, sve što radite zbog drugih je glupo. I dokle god budete živeli zbog drugih zapravo nećete ni živeti. Možda vam stav, pamet i kultura neće doneti mnogo prijatelja, meni nisu, ali nisam ni želela da se družim sa takvim ljudima, nisam želela da se oblačim kao oni, nisam želela da budem oni. Bila sam ja.

Ukoliko ste sada u toj fazi imam jedan prijateljski savet za vas BUDITE SVOJI, NE DOZVOLITE DA VAS STAVE U KALUP, jer prođe ta škola, prođu ti ljudi, dođe život, a vi budete prazni…

5 small study tips

  • Okay, the first tip is the most important, at least for me. I am not always in the mood for studying. So when I feel like that, I learned that it is better to detox and relax my brain a little by watching a couple episodes of a TV show that I follow or watch a movie, go for a run, walk with my dog, play a video game, read, bake something, literally anything that fulfills me. And believe me; this really helps, because when you are happy and full of energy you will memorize things easier and faster.
  1. FOOD
  • I can’t study without it, especially sweets. I talk a lot and sometimes move in the process so I need to refill my energy. And we all know that when a person consumes sugar, just like any food, it activates the tongue’s taste receptors. Then, signals are sent to the brain, lighting up reward pathways and causing surge of feel-good hormones, like dopamine to be released. Aka food makes everyone happy. It doesn’t always have to be something sweet; you can have a healthy snack like an apple or a banana or eat something salty like chips or peanuts, whatever makes you happy.

2017-04-07 11.04.43 1.jpg

  • Sometimes I feel like have and OCD when it comes to organization. I like to make a study plan, okay sometimes I don’t quite stick to it because I have a lot of obligations besides college but it still helps me to track of my notes, homework, lectures etc. Take a blank notebook, take colorful pencils If you like, or stick some pieces from newspapers to it, make it fun, like a diary of studying. I keep my simple because I don’t have time to decorate it; it is usually just a list of subjects, dates of the exams, important notes. I am a nerd so I like to have everything in one place.
  • I find this tip also very useful. Sometimes I am not at home all day and I have to study. What do I do.. tn tn tn I MULTITASK. While I am walking my dog, running, doing chores, working, even sometimes when I am showering I repeat lessons in my head. Some people find this hard and annoying because they can’t concentrate but because of the circumstances I am used to multitasking and really love it because sometimes I find it easier to learn something while I am doing something else, even when I have time to just sit down and study I always play with my dog (best study buddy).


  • When I talk to someone they are usually like ‘’ ahh aren’t you bored of studying every day, you should go out, you are missing your youth ‘’ etc. Well the biggest trick is that I go to work, go to college and do my chores every day, I also study and I still have time and do go out. So I wouldn’t say that I am missing out on anything. Especially because people nowadays usually spend their time at clubs. I mean I would go with them if it was a book club haha. Anyway, I study regularly because it is easier and it is way less stressful when exam term comes. If you master this skill it will save your life and time.




What is about people and their low confidence these days? Who are we to blame for that? Social networks, society in general, internet, TV?
I can’t help but notice that most of my friends have deep self-confidence issues. They are always complaining: “ I have big thighs “, “ look at my nose “, “ my face is full of acne “ , “ I am a boring person, nothing happens to me “ etc… Then they try to hide all of these flaws away and become this perfect figure of a person. Why? Because society says so. Those invisible rules and measures flow through the air and dictate today’s values. While you’re on the internet you see these perfect examples of women and men, perfect bodies, perfect outfit, perfect photographs… Don’t believe in all that, nothing is perfect. Half of the ladies have eating disorder of some kind and wear a hell lot of makeup, they don’t have happy relationships, it’s all for the likes, same goes for guys. Money, thigh gap and flat stomach aren’t synonyms for happiness (although with money you can buy a lots of chocolate chip cookies and ice cream :#) but anyway don’t let this whirlpool of lies take you, stay true to yourself, be a weirdo, a potato, love yourself! Flaws make you who you are, they make you beautiful. 🌹

I don’t see your big thighs, I see a big heart and a head full of great ideas, I don’t see your nose, I see your amazing smile and the way your hands make love to the piano while creating the most beautiful symphony, I don’t see your acne, I see the way you look at the painting while we stand in the gallery trapped in our own world of thoughts, I don’t see a boring person, I see my friend.
Open your eyes and you will see it too… 

Salty sticks

Ingredients and preparation (scroll down for Serbian):

  1. 2 whole margarines (500g)
  2. 250 g of milk
  3.  SINK MILK AND YEAST (Remember to put one tea spoon of sugar into the milk so that yeast could grow)
  4. 2 eggs ( you put the 2 yolks into the dough and you mix 2 egg whites so you can smear top of the dough later with them)
  5.  1 full tea spoon of salt
  6. 1 kg of flour
  7. sesame (1 little bag, that’s how they sell it here)

You put the margarines into the bowl then you put the 2 yolks and the yeast that was previously melted within 250 g milk and 1 tea spoon of sugar (again, sugar is necessary for the yeast to grow). Then you start kneading the dough and you add flour until you feel under your fingers that it’s ready (usually takes 1 kg). When the dough is ready you develop it with a rolling pin, you paint over it’s surface with 2 mixed egg whites and in the end you put as much sesame as you wish on it.

You cut the dough into little sticks and put them on the baking paper in the casserole dish. Bake for approximately 20 mins, depends from the oven.

Enjoy! xx


Sastojci i priprema:

  1. 2 cela margarina (500g)
  2. 250 g mleka
  3. Potopiti kvasac u mleko ( ne zaboravite da stavite šećer u mleko kako bi kvasac lepo narastao)
  4. 2 jaja (žumanca se stave u testo a belanca se izlupaju i služe za premazivanje na kraju)
  5. 1 puna kašičica soli
  6. 1 kg brašna
  7. susam (1 kesica je obično dovoljna)

Stavite 500g margarina u činiju, dodate 2 žumanca i kvasac koji se prethodno rastopili u mleku i šećeru (ne zaboravite, šećer je obavezan, inače kvasac ne može da naraste lepo). Zatim oklagijom razvijete testo, odozgo ga premažete umućenim belancima i pospete susama po želji.

Isecite testo na male štapiće i stavite ih u tepsiju na papir za pečenje. Pecite otprilike 20 minuta, sve zavisi od jačine rerne.

Uživajte! xx




I am not a ” movie freak ” but I really enjoy watching old movies. I mean they have that vibe and spark and you can’t feel that in the movies today. It’s all about special effects and sounds and not the acting and the story (not saying that today’s movies suck, they have their charms too). Anyway here are some of mine favourite old movies, If you’ve got more to add or to recommend just leave a comment below. xx

  1. The Breakfast Club
  2. Pretty Woman
  3. Heathers
  4. Mermaids
  5. Silence of The Lambs
  6. Pulp Fiction
  7. Leon: The Professional
  8. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
  9. Girl, Interrupted
  10. Fight Club
  11. Stand By Me
  12. The Shining
  13. Grease
  14. Edward Scissorhands
  15. Lolita
  16. 10 Things I Hate About You
  17. Clueless
  18. Sixteen Candles
  19. Forrest Gump
  20. Psycho
  21. A Clockwork Orange
  22. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  23. Sabrina
  24. Hair
  25. Mary Poppins
  26. The Shawshank Redemption
  27. The Godfather (all parts)
  28. To kill a Mockingbird
  29. Star Wars (<3)
  30. Schindler’s list
  31. All About Eve
  32. Roman Holiday
  33. Wuthering Heights (but read the book!)
  34. Sleepers
  35. Usual Suspects
  36. Beetlejuice
  37. The Goonies
  38. Notting Hill
  39. Footloose
  40. Dirty Dancing
  41. Ghost
  42. Sister Act
  43. The Mummy
  44. Mrs. Doubtfire
  45. Good Will Hunting
  46. Dead Poets Sociey
  47. Hook
  48. Father of the Bride
  49. Honey I Shrunk the kids
  50. Back to The Future (all parts)
  51. Ghostbusters (both parts)
  52. Taxi Driver
  53. The Untouchables
  54. Cleopatra
  55. The Nutty Professor (both parts)
  56. Trading Places
  57. Dr. Dolittle
  58. Lethal Weapon (all parts)
  59. Taxi

I’ve probably missed some but hey, you can add. 🙂