What is about people and their low confidence these days? Who are we to blame for that? Social networks, society in general, internet, TV?
I can’t help but notice that most of my friends have deep self-confidence issues. They are always complaining: “ I have big thighs “, “ look at my nose “, “ my face is full of acne “ , “ I am a boring person, nothing happens to me “ etc… Then they try to hide all of these flaws away and become this perfect figure of a person. Why? Because society says so. Those invisible rules and measures flow through the air and dictate today’s values. While you’re on the internet you see these perfect examples of women and men, perfect bodies, perfect outfit, perfect photographs… Don’t believe in all that, nothing is perfect. Half of the ladies have eating disorder of some kind and wear a hell lot of makeup, they don’t have happy relationships, it’s all for the likes, same goes for guys. Money, thigh gap and flat stomach aren’t synonyms for happiness (although with money you can buy a lots of chocolate chip cookies and ice cream :#) but anyway don’t let this whirlpool of lies take you, stay true to yourself, be a weirdo, a potato, love yourself! Flaws make you who you are, they make you beautiful. 🌹

I don’t see your big thighs, I see a big heart and a head full of great ideas, I don’t see your nose, I see your amazing smile and the way your hands make love to the piano while creating the most beautiful symphony, I don’t see your acne, I see the way you look at the painting while we stand in the gallery trapped in our own world of thoughts, I don’t see a boring person, I see my friend.
Open your eyes and you will see it too… 

Salty sticks

Ingredients and preparation (scroll down for Serbian):

  1. 2 whole margarines (500g)
  2. 250 g of milk
  3.  SINK MILK AND YEAST (Remember to put one tea spoon of sugar into the milk so that yeast could grow)
  4. 2 eggs ( you put the 2 yolks into the dough and you mix 2 egg whites so you can smear top of the dough later with them)
  5.  1 full tea spoon of salt
  6. 1 kg of flour
  7. sesame (1 little bag, that’s how they sell it here)

You put the margarines into the bowl then you put the 2 yolks and the yeast that was previously melted within 250 g milk and 1 tea spoon of sugar (again, sugar is necessary for the yeast to grow). Then you start kneading the dough and you add flour until you feel under your fingers that it’s ready (usually takes 1 kg). When the dough is ready you develop it with a rolling pin, you paint over it’s surface with 2 mixed egg whites and in the end you put as much sesame as you wish on it.

You cut the dough into little sticks and put them on the baking paper in the casserole dish. Bake for approximately 20 mins, depends from the oven.

Enjoy! xx


Sastojci i priprema:

  1. 2 cela margarina (500g)
  2. 250 g mleka
  3. Potopiti kvasac u mleko ( ne zaboravite da stavite šećer u mleko kako bi kvasac lepo narastao)
  4. 2 jaja (žumanca se stave u testo a belanca se izlupaju i služe za premazivanje na kraju)
  5. 1 puna kašičica soli
  6. 1 kg brašna
  7. susam (1 kesica je obično dovoljna)

Stavite 500g margarina u činiju, dodate 2 žumanca i kvasac koji se prethodno rastopili u mleku i šećeru (ne zaboravite, šećer je obavezan, inače kvasac ne može da naraste lepo). Zatim oklagijom razvijete testo, odozgo ga premažete umućenim belancima i pospete susama po želji.

Isecite testo na male štapiće i stavite ih u tepsiju na papir za pečenje. Pecite otprilike 20 minuta, sve zavisi od jačine rerne.

Uživajte! xx




I am not a ” movie freak ” but I really enjoy watching old movies. I mean they have that vibe and spark and you can’t feel that in the movies today. It’s all about special effects and sounds and not the acting and the story (not saying that today’s movies suck, they have their charms too). Anyway here are some of mine favourite old movies, If you’ve got more to add or to recommend just leave a comment below. xx

  1. The Breakfast Club
  2. Pretty Woman
  3. Heathers
  4. Mermaids
  5. Silence of The Lambs
  6. Pulp Fiction
  7. Leon: The Professional
  8. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
  9. Girl, Interrupted
  10. Fight Club
  11. Stand By Me
  12. The Shining
  13. Grease
  14. Edward Scissorhands
  15. Lolita
  16. 10 Things I Hate About You
  17. Clueless
  18. Sixteen Candles
  19. Forrest Gump
  20. Psycho
  21. A Clockwork Orange
  22. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  23. Sabrina
  24. Hair
  25. Mary Poppins
  26. The Shawshank Redemption
  27. The Godfather (all parts)
  28. To kill a Mockingbird
  29. Star Wars (<3)
  30. Schindler’s list
  31. All About Eve
  32. Roman Holiday
  33. Wuthering Heights (but read the book!)
  34. Sleepers
  35. Usual Suspects
  36. Beetlejuice
  37. The Goonies
  38. Notting Hill
  39. Footloose
  40. Dirty Dancing
  41. Ghost
  42. Sister Act
  43. The Mummy
  44. Mrs. Doubtfire
  45. Good Will Hunting
  46. Dead Poets Sociey
  47. Hook
  48. Father of the Bride
  49. Honey I Shrunk the kids
  50. Back to The Future (all parts)
  51. Ghostbusters (both parts)
  52. Taxi Driver
  53. The Untouchables
  54. Cleopatra
  55. The Nutty Professor (both parts)
  56. Trading Places
  57. Dr. Dolittle
  58. Lethal Weapon (all parts)
  59. Taxi

I’ve probably missed some but hey, you can add. 🙂

Walnut brownies

Very simple countryside brownie recipe 🙂

  1. 2 eggs
  2. 1 baking powder
  3. 2 cups of flour
  4. 1 cup of sugar
  5. 1 cup of yoghurt
  6. 1 cup of oil (not full)
  7. Wallnuts
  8. Cocoa

Important: this is the recipe that I use with my cup from sour milk, it is about 200g.

Mix it all up and then add as much walnuts as u wish. Sip half into a casserole (on the baking paper). Add cocoa to the other half, mix it up and then add the remaining compound to the casserole as well. Put anything you want on it (I used bits of plazma biscuit)

Bake on 210 degrees for about 15-20 mins, It all depends of the power of your oven. Enjoy xx

Tick Tock goes the clock


Hands of the clock are spining in circle. I am staring at them. Old, Victorian clock, sharp hands and black, beautiful roman numbers that show and influence time. How is it possible that something so beautiful can flow and dissappear so fast?

When you look around, when you pay attention to your life, what do you consider to be the most important thing in it? Your hair, nails, are you attractive enough, do you have fat thighs, no boobs, big eyebrows or in other case money, car, girlfriend, popularity… I listen to girls and boys that complain about this stuff every single day. But none of those things really matter…

Reality is that you spend so much time worrying about things that don’t matter that you forget how to live. So stop wasting your time and start enjoying those little things that make life so speial.

#little things

– Sunrise and sunsets
– Smiles from random strangers on the street
– When I come home and my dog jumps on me out of happiness
– Drinking coffee/tea beside a window
– Just enjoying a good book
– My nephew who is synonim for happiness ❤ (I adore that little guy so much)
– Taking photos
– When I make something for the first time and it turns out to be delicious
– Skyping with DI
Walking, breathing, laughing, smiling, dancing, jumping, being able to just be here, exist and enjoy life, that is all you actually need.

Enjoy little things in your life because one day you will look back and realize they were the big ones.

Fast and sweet

For this treat you will need:

  1. 2 whole eggs
  2. 200g of sugar
  3. 100g of peanuts
  4. 100g of walnuts
  5. 100g of dark chocolate for cooking ( 5 bars)
  6. 20g of butter

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



First you take a bowl and mix eggs and sugar together. You leave the mixer to spin around and you put 100g of chocolate and 20g of butter into a pot then you place it on a cooker so it can melt and combine.

2017-01-05 08.57.37 1.jpg

You crush peanuts and walnuts and add them to the mixture of sugar and eggs and then you mix it all up once again.


Once you are done you add it all in the pot with chocolate and let it cook for 3-4 minutes.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And in the end you just take a spoon and put the mixture, while it is still hot, into cups for baking ( I didn’t have one so I just used baking paper on a casserole as you can see, maybe they don’t have a special shape but they are still as delicious 🙂 ) , then you put everything in a fridge (or on the window because it is winter) so that the chocolate can cool and become thick.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And whoala, you are done, eat and enjoy! xx

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

La vita 

​”Život je kao lepa melodija, samo su reči malo pomešane.”

– Hans Kristijan Andersen
”Život nam vraća samo ono što mi drugima dajemo.”

– Ivo Andrić
“Život bi se mogao sažeti u pola sata predivnih trenutaka.”

– Oskar Vajld

Tupo zurim u ekran i proučavam ove definicije. Nešto nije kako treba, nešto im fali… Imaginarna lampica iznad moje glave se pali. Da, to je to. Nepotpune su. Zar stvarno možemo životu da damo definiciju? Jednu jedinu definicju koja će važiti za svakoga. Ne… ne možemo. Život, kao takav, za svakoga predstavlja nešto drugo. Uzimam prazan beli papir, svoju omiljenu hemijsku i zapisujem prvo što mi padne na pamet:
1. Život je puna šerpa šnenokli.
Osmeh mi se nacrtao na licu, eto je, moja definicija koja sigurno neće dospeti ni u jednu knjigu niti će je bilo ko citirati, ali tu je, na vrhu jednog belog papira i za mene predstavlja tu čudnu stvar zvanu ”život”. Nastavljam dalje da dodajem šta je to za mene život pa tako dobijam:
2. Život su knjige
3. Život je Dona

4. Život je sreća

5. Život je fotografija

6. Život je kad si živ ( dobro, Bajaga je prvi dao ovu definiciju) 

Uspomene, palačinke sa eurokremom, serije, osmeh, sloboda, pez! itd… i tako je beli papir sada ispunjen kratkim nepotpunim definicijama života koje kada bi neko spojio možda bi, a možda i ne bi izvukao neki smisao. Možda ne znam šta je život, ali znam da ga volim, ponekad (čitajte često) čak i mrzim , znam da je surov, ali i prelep, nepravedan, ali pun mogućnosti i avantura i znam da je jedan jedini koji imam.

Naposletku uzimam papir i kačim ga na zid, moje definicije na prljavo-roze zidu, moj život…